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Having stayed in Birmingham UK since the first snowy week on 28 February 2018 and also the second one a week before Easter, the quite extreme temperature prompted us to find some place to go in Europe during the Easter holiday. We decided to visit Barcelona and Lisbon, the two cities we haven’t visited so far since here in the UK in 2013, and which we thought having warmer temperature during spring season this year.

Arrived in Barcelona exactly 12:00 pm (midnight, Spain – Saturday, 31st March 2018) and the next second was  01 April 2018, it’s the Easter Sunday.

The flight with Spain budget airline, Vueling Airline, took about 2 hours journey from Birmingham UK. Weeks before that, UK’s Met Office has reported that it would be another cold temperatures from the east which probably bring snow on Easter in the UK. Fortunately, it wasn’t a snowy weekend again in Birmingham and our journey to Barcelona was really good, enjoyable flight with mostly British and Spanish  passengers travelling on Holy Saturday to have Easter Sunday and Holy Week in Barcelona.

As planned, we made it to the Sagrada Familia, not just visited one of the most unique buildings in the world (particular so as it’s one of the only buildings that have a foot both in the past and the future) but also attended for the 9:30 Easter Sunday mass on 1st April 2018. There were hundreds of people including foreign tourists like us inside the large Roman Catholic Church which was designed by renown Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi (1852–1926), participated in the Easter Sandy International Mass. Could still hear the angelic voices of the church choir which echoed beautifully through out the highest basilica ceiling arches of 170 meters (560 ft) high in Barcelona.

The temperature is cold with 11°c but mostly sunny the whole Sunday.  We  took time to walk along the Barcelona beach that evening to experience the Mediterranean sea  sunset which was quite late at 7:30 pm during Spring season. The blue sky scenery was so very beautiful. Barcelona is one of the best city-beach break destinations in the world where the mega tourist hotspot of Barceloneta beach is just steps away to the city.

About 30 minutes walk from the beach is the La Rambla , a street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and locals alike. A tree-lined pedestrian mall, it stretches for 1.2 kilometers (0.75 mi) connecting Placa de Catalunya in the center with the Christopher  Columbus Monument at Port Vell. This is where our airbnb apartment located, few steps walk to the most happening life street market of Barcelona. Especially on Easter Sunday,  during the height of the tourist season, La Rambla seen very crowded where we’ve great time walking while looking for souvenirs and photo images of human activities. Its popularity with tourists has affected the character of the street, with a move to pavement cafes and souvenir kiosks. It is stretching very long without any disturbance of vehicle because it is one of the city’s foremost tourist landmarks designated specially for pedestrian and hawkers with a very diverse selection of goods. No wonder, the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca once said that La Rambla was “the only street in the world which I wish would never end”.

As a first timer in Barcelona, we also did not miss to visit the Parc Güell, another of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s works within Barcelona that is part of his UNESCO World Heritage site. An expansive park it is full of beautiful mosaics, sculptures, and buildings all by his design. The park also contains a museum in Gaudi’s old home for those with a deeper interest in the famous architect. Finally, the top of the park contains a tiled terrace which makes up one of the most iconic views of Barcelona. It is half and hour from La Ramla by train to the nearest station but had to walk up quite steep hill to the unique park.

Must say,  Barcelona is one of the best place to visit as a word destination. We’ve a great  four days in the beautiful city and the rest of our amazing experience could only be described with all these images – mostly captured with my Sony Alpha a7 (FE 4/70 -200) and (FE 4/16-35) and also with OPPO R9s cellphone.

Glad to have completed this review after almost a month now and posted today 28th April 2018, just few days before we travel again end of this month  (April 2018) to Europe particularly Rome, Venice and Switzerland.

Hope you’ll have a great day and enjoy following DKPete Travelling Images.


DKPete Travels Images
Barcelona, Spain – 31st March – 03rd April 2018

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