Cherry Blossom – One of the Beautiful Spring Colors Remembrance in Birmingham

Birmingham UK, Saturday 14th April 2018 – The 4th Weekend of Spring season this year.

Returned back here last Saturday, 7th April after a week long of Barcelona and Lisbon trip. It was rainy and fogy days in Birmingham the whole week, have to keep at home and away from the cold weather outside the house till yesterday, Friday evening.

Gratefully, at early morning today, it’s an excitement to go out again when the sunshine appeared so very brightly outside our window. Took the 120 West Midlands Bus around 8:00am and arrived at Five Ways Station in 10 minutes (It’s £4:00 for the whole Saturday ride, cheaper and save £0:80 pence than the £2:40 for single journey)

Upon reaching at the destination, not just an awesome weather but also the cherry blossom awaiting in front of the IKON building at Five Ways. As we trudge up out of the darkness and chill of winter, the sudden eruption of a haze of pale pink and white petals, buzzing with bees, heralds spring like nothing else. Breathtaking in its beauty but bittersweet in its brevity, cherry blossom the annual treat for the senses is here again. Many Saturday wanderers like us can’t resist but stop by at this point for pictures with their loved ones.

The leafless trees with pink color flowers blooming all over as it shade canopy were so very inspiring and convinced me to revisit again last Monday, 16th April 2018. Glad the weather that day were friendly to us as well and managed to capture images that I wanted to take. It was a windy afternoon at Brindley Place and had the chance to record short videos of the pale petals flying in the wind. The beautiful blossom won’t be lasting till end of April when my loved ones arrived here in Birmingham but all these images will surely one of the best Spring seasons to remember this year.

To all my friends out there, if you happened to be in UK during Spring season in the near future, must not forget to drop by Brindley Place Birmingham. Hope these images will be your inspiration to travel while possible.

DKPete Travels Images
Birmingham UK
Saturday, 14th April 2018

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