Sunrise, A Beautiful Phenomenon

Sunrise, A Beautiful Phenomenon

“Creation is the vocal chords of God speaking each day through the colors of the sunrise, the vastness of the night sky,the teeming of life in the ocean, the majesty of the mountains.” – (Erick Samuel Timm, Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise)

“Every now and then I sit and watch the sun rise to remind myself how it’s done—peacefully, steadily, warmly, and in beautiful color.” – (Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway)

“A Sunrise is God’s way of saying, “Let’s start again.” – (ToddStocker, Refined: Turning Pain Into Purpose)

DKPete, Penampang, Sunday 24th January 2016





White and/or gray patch, sheet or layered clouds, generally composed of laminae (plates), rounded masses or rolls. They may be partly fibrous or diffuse.

When the edge or a thin semitransparent patch of altocumulus passes in front of the sun or moon a corona appears. This colored ring has red on the outside and blue inside and occurs within a few degrees of the sun or moon.

The most common mid cloud, more than one layer of Altocumulus often appears at different levels at the same time. Many times Altocumulus will appear with other cloud types.


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