Till We Meet Again Next Season

MyFamily Trip-061739
Airbnb Apartnment, Edinburgh Scotland – 23rd Dec 2015

Dearest Joanne,

 It’s been a wonderful journey together with you for the past two months in the UK and Europe.
Our adventure to the other parts of the globe will continue next seasons. Hope you have the greatest break ever while completing your mission and reaching your vision in overseas. May you remember all the sweet memories and beautiful moments we’ve experienced together.
You’ve been a  very good tour guide to us too and  we’ll be looking forward more in the next seasons.  Hope the longest holiday didn’t in anyway distract your focus and your persistence to do the very best in your final semester.
Goodbye -2-3
Right now, while the three of us are boarding the flight to our homeland, we could imagine how lonely you’re walking alone in the cold winter and dark night to the busiest streets and railways of London.
Goodbye -110328
We thanks God for His guidance and protections while travelling together tirelessly since we met you last November. May His blessing continue to be with us.
Xmas Card -011103-xxxjpg
Time to say goodbye for now. Take care and God bless always.
Daddy, Mmy & Jojoy  (and also Noel & Deanne at home)
Heathrow, London
Monday, 11th January 2016 @ 18:00pm

Goodbye -2-2Goodbye -115522

Goodbye -Duplicate State

MyFamily Trip-0067
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin – Saturday 19th Dec 2015
MyFamilyTrip - 271215-112636
Edinburgh, Scotland – Sunday 27th Dec 2015

Fort Augustus - 231215-0348Berlin - 21Dec2015-0169

Paris Dec 13-0492DSC_0815

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