Moyog River, Forgotten No More

Forgotten no More


Taken at Kuai, Penampang  It’s not long ago in 2011 when we started promoting the awareness on river cleanliness and for the love of sustainable environment in the state especially among the community who live along the Moyog River, Penampang.

Today, the river is known not only by the locals as a place for gathering and water theme related activities, but also recognized by the Sabah State Government through the Tourism Ministry as part of tourist destination and made the Moyog River Bamboo Rafting Festival as a yearly events. This river is also the center of environmental related research buy NGOs and Higher Learning Institutions locally and abroad.

Recently, a group of Japanese university students from the Hokkaido and Yokohama University came together with their lecturers / professor in cooperation with CLEAR (Community-Led Environmental Awareness for our River) for tree planting program along the river bank. Therefore, this album “Our River, Forgotten No More” is now made as “Shared Album”. All friends or friends of friends are allowed to participate as “contributes” who can post photos and comments related to the same objectives – CLEAR (Community-Led Environmental Awareness for our River).

Thanks & Regards, DKPete for CLEAR …

About 4 years ago in March 2011, we started uploading picture of Moyog River via Facebook with title like “The Forgotten River”, “Moyog River, Forgotten No More”, “River Cruise” and many more to get friends and people attention especially our community who live along the Moyog River banks.

The above picture is one of the earliest picture which was taken more than 4 years ago during the weekend at our river side Kg. Kuai Penampang. It’s very encouraging indeed to get support from relatives and friends on the idea to revive back this river to it’s glory beauty prior to the 80s where the community who live along this river depended fully on river water which was crystal clear and clean from any pollution.

These were the comments from some of our fb friends in the first album “The Forgotten River”:-

(1) “I think something has to be done. But how & who should be the one to start” – Edward James;

(2) “soon, for development sake, this river will become another top one polluted river in the country like Sg Gombak KL” – DKPete ;

(3) “We can tagal this river — but mositi bogia ada 101% commitment from the riverine stakeholders” – Rooney Biusing (By the way, Mr Rooney Biusing is the Deputy Director of Sabah Fisheries Department  and passed away in 2013 few months after our first Moyog River Bamboo Festival was launched which he attended. RIP to him)

(4) “agree to tagal this river…one have to iniatiate” – Winjimis “;

(5) .. the only solution is to tagal the river ..” – Columba Ned Moujing “

(6) … nung mogisosompu’u om mogiu’unung dati nga ouhanan dati tokou iti koni…” – Veron J. Malanggin “

For more infomation in the past, please click this link :

Amos Wed Raft

This picture was taken recently this year 2015 when one of our nephew came to get their wedding day commemorated with bamboo raft at out jetty Kg. Kuai-Kandazon, Penampang. It’s my brother in law’s (Maxx James) idea to have something different with the previous couple he made for his freelance photographer.

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